Is there method behind "Next Up"

I’m just wondering, going through the Spanish course I can’t quite figure out what Next Up is doing. Sometimes it will have me do “Listening Skills” for days. Sometimes it will have me “Learn New Words” 3 times in a row. Is there some algorithm behind this where it’s suggesting the best thing for me to balance learning new words vs keeping up on old words or is it just kinda random?


Maybe “kinda random” actually is the best algorithm?

I never take any notice of it :slight_smile: I just click on the options button and choose what I want to do myself.

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what @amanda-norrsken said - I don’t think there’s any meaningful analysis behind it, so I ignore it

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It is random and it has been annoying me for a long time. I also just press the option button to select what to do next. As for @lurajane saying it is the best algorithm, I have to whole-heartedly disagree. If followed it will slow down progress through the course, have you review so many times so as to render Memrise’s so-called scientific spaced-repetition useless and also waste time.

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Actually about to unsubscribe over this before my next renewal. I could never make any sense of the interface so i just did the next ups. When deciding whether to let it auto-renew, i thought, What’s not working for me about this? And it’s the fact that progress is SO SLOW. Not sure if I’m going to try ignoring next up. It almost feels like bad faith. Why should i give my money to a company that might be intentionally slowing my progress to milk me for renewal money?