Is there any way to invert the word you are given with the word you have to define?

If there is a Memrise course with content I appreciate, but the items that have been placed in as ‘Definition’ are the ones that I want to practice at recalling, so instead of being given the definition and having to remember the word, I want to be given the word and see if I can provide the definition for it. Is there any way to invert the Word and Definition for the items in a course (that someone else has created)?

Hi @Oddreidar, you won’t be able to change the testing direction - only course creators and course contributors can make that change.

I’d suggest generating a text file of the course you’re interested in, then bulk loading the content to a new course that you’ll need to have created. You’ll then be able to control the testing direction - see this post for more details:

If you you need more information, let me know.

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Hi @Oddreidar,

Search for my posts on “Reversed” levels.

If you can contact the creator or become a contributor, then duplicate the level and reverse the testing direction in the copy level.

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Hi @DW7 - very interesting - I had never noticed the ‘duplicate’ function before, although I’m sure it’s been there for 10 years. It works perfectly, including duplicating the audio for each item.

Do you know if there’s a Memrise function somewhere for duplicating an entire course rather than just individual levels?

Hi @ian_mn, sadly we’ve asked about duplicating or cloning courses before, with no joy.

A creator can of course reload the data into a new course, but …

There’s a lot you can do with duplicating levels - even choosing a different pair of columns to be tested on.

I’ve created “Reversed” levels on all the courses I actively support and often found data that could become a new test level.

See 15 British Garden Birds - by deactivated user - Memrise

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