Is there any way to get the old Memrise app back?

The new Memrise app, version 2.94_12959_beta, is a disaster. I am using the app on a 10 inch Amazon Fire tablet. The color scheme is harsh and hard on the eyes, but that is the least of its problems.

There does not seem to be any reliable way to get to my list of courses from the current course. When I try to press in the vicinity where the list icon used to be in the previous version of the app, 9 out of 10 times it will take me to list view for the sections of the current course rather than to my list of different courses that I am taking. That is really annoying!!! An incredible waste of time.

Another thing, the nice big bold new banner that is supposed to pop up to say “Well done, you’ve achieved your Daily Goal!” when you have achieved your daily goal only pops up at most maybe half the time when I have completed my daily goal, probably significantly less than half the time. That is rather annoying to have to stop after I may have more than met my goal to check and see what the situation is, especially since the streak icon in the upper corner of the courses home page is not as simple to read as it used to be.

Then I also seem to be having trouble trying to get the “Listening Skills”, “Review” or other buttons to start a practice session to work in the course’s home page. I find them generally completely unresponsive, though if I go to the list view for the sections of the course the buttons to start a practice session, do seem to work there.

There are major problems with the fonts you use and the color schemes. The fonts in this new app are significantly smaller and as a result of that are much harder to see. If that wasn’t bad enough, on the pages where you are supposedly trying to teach us new words or phrases, the definitions or translations are so grayed out you can barely see them. In my kanji course, where the point is to learn the kanji, it has the english or hiragana in bold black letters on top and the hiragana or english in tiny black letters underneath, and the kanji is in almost completely invisible ink (extremely light gray) in between. How pray tell am I supposed to learn it like that. It is so bad, I may not be able to do this class on my tablet. A related issue, why do you have to make all of the icons for and names of the the different options of what type of exercise you want to do, when you are choosing to do something other than what is being recommended, so small? They are all crammed down into the center of the bottom of the page. Is that really necessary? Why not make it easier to see?

The one area where there seems to be an improvement, is that I was able to download one of the large courses that I had not been able to download using the old app. But that is small consolation given all the major downsides of this current app.

Please, tell me that there is a way to get the old Memrise app back! You could call it the Legacy Memrise app. Either that or you need to do major repairs to the bugs and design flaws of this current disaster.


Regarding the “Well done, you’ve achieved your Daily Goal!” banner, as well as not popping up most of the time when I have completed my daily goal for a class, it also sometimes pops up when I have NOT completed my goal for the day, which is even more annoying than having it not pop up when I have completed my goal. Again that is particularly annoying because of the way you have changed the streak icon in the upper right hand side of the course home page, so it it much harder to tell from looking at that icon if you have actually completed your goal for the day, or just got real close.

Another issue that this app has is that after I have moved from one course to the next, when I start a practice session, I frequently find that I am not working on the course I had just moved to, but rather the one I had previously been working on. Apart from that, today the buttons to start practice sessions seem to be working okay to start practice sessions from the home page of the courses.

Another thing that I find really annoying with this new incarnation of the Memrise app is how if you accidentally tap on a course in the list of courses, it suddenly moves it to the top of the list, rather than moving to the top of the list only after you actually did at least some portion of a practice session from the course. Since I am working on a lot of different courses, and I like to do them in a particular order, it can make it difficult to find the course that I am looking for if it was accidentally tapped on moving it to the top of the list at some point when I was not working on it.

Another issue: In at least one of my Persian courses, instead of having the farsi word that I am supposed to be finding the translation for on the top left hand side of the page, it is on the top right hand side of the page, which makes sense since Persian script is read from right to left. While that is fine, at least conceptually, the problem is that frequently the the first letter of the word is at least partially obscured because it it off the edge of the page. You need to figure out how be sure the whole word is on the page.

Yesterday, when I was working on my language practice, the “Well done, you’ve achieved your Daily Goal!” banner was frequently popping up when I had NOT yet completed my daily goal and rarely when I actually had completed my daily goal. So in my experience that banner, as it functions right now, is completely untrustworthy. This is a very problematic bug that needs to be fixed.

I was in the Beta group until G+ closed and from my experience, I can only conclude that Memrise don’t have much interest in fixing bugs. I used to report in painstaking detail but most of the bugs are still there; some have been around for years. Worse, with each new release, more bugs are added, in contrast with other normal apps, which fix bugs with each release. I have resigned myself to working around the bugs and other issues, and swearing at the walls. The worse is when they decide to introduce more bugs that work against my workarounds. :angry:
I’m still using Memrise because I have created many courses, some of which are ongoing, But I no longer recommend it to others.


If you’re on android - Yes! Lots of people are doing this because the new app is so buggy and ugly. Unfortunately I have no idea if it’s possible on IOS.

Make sure you revoke the app’s permission to auto-update or it will just try to update itself as soon as you install it.

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