Is there any point creating audio courses if "listening skills" is being removed as a study style?

Title pretty much says it all - but I’ve been creating a lengthy Nepali Language audio course (6000+ cards) primarily for the purpose of audio review (Nepali audio on the front, English on the back - there is literally nothing like it on the internet it seems, so I’ve had to make my own). I’ve also read somewhere that Listening Skills is going to be removed as a method of learning due to being unpopular - however, does this mean that audio is being removed altogether, or only that one specific feature? If so, does that mean I can’t create audio-only courses and should stop before I waste my time with a course that can no longer be used?

Other random questions for which I can’t seem to find answers, if anyone is keen to give me some bulk info (admittedly this forum doesn’t seem to be too active):

  1. Will anybody be updating the Typing Only, Memrise Turbo scripts etc. after the community courses are all removed from Memrise and the UI script undoubtedly changes for the existing Decks site? Or have all the script creators left Memrise? I say this as most of the scripts don’t seem to be updated, and are permanently broken without replacement. Memrise is useless to me so long as I’m given multiple choice options, I find it to be a weak way to learn compared to typing.

  2. When are the community courses actually going to be removed from Memrise and kept solely on Decks? I’ve been told March, May and Summer, all of which have long since passed. I ask because the Devanagari font for Nepali/Hindi on Decks is shockingly bad and, combined with the risk of the typing only script being rendered defunct, would probably push me to Anki.

  3. Why is the general consensus currently that Anki is superior to Memrise? The only thing that makes Memrise bad, as far as I can say, is their threat of updates that never seem to happen.

Cheers m8s


The only reason I don’t use the Listening Skills more often, is the the program doesn’t let me if I haven’t learned new words.
This is very irritating because I don’t like to add new words when I don’t feel I’ve mastered the ones I’ve already been introduced to.
I LIKE the Listening Skills part of the program and would be disappointed if it was removed.