Is there any chance memrise design will go back?

Apologies if the catagory is wrong, didn’t know whether there is a catagory to ask about the base app itself. Instead of decks.
My question is simple, is memrise going to ever go back to its old design scheme and layout (blue with little ships and flowers, and pretty backgrounds and semi transparent parts)? I genuinely hate the new one, it hurts, its confusing, its boring. I used to love using Memrise but after its huge overhall I actually didnt know what the app was when I found it on my phone. Its highly dissapointing to see that Memrise have fallen into “simple colours” design trend instead of the pretty small illustrations it used to have. I was going to buy a subscription next year when it was a year before my trip to Japan to really get down and learn the language. But now i dont even want to get back into it on the free version after putting it down for a couple of months (stressful busy life meant i didnt make the time for this app).

Would appreciate any response from the devs (who are working hard to make this app the best they can Im sure!) But its just such a horrible shock to come back to, people had ties to this app, it made you feel good. Now it just feels horrible to look at and more like a mundane everyday app instead of a heartfelt piece of work to help people learn languages.


In this thread, one of the devs (@Masha_Ignatova48) has indicated that some changes are forthcoming.

Unfortunately it looks like dark mode is going to take awhile and they’ll be keeping some of the worst of it, imo (see further down that thread). No indication whether there will be any unification of theme or improvement of the overall design flaws, though at least we’ll see some reduction in the yellow. I guess we wait and see what they’re planning but I’m not optimistic. The company has done too much to prove that user experience is not a priority for them for me to hope.


If you have a search @MajaBadger, you’ll find a lot of comments have been made.

Have a look under “MemRise Announcements” and “Welcome to the Forum” > “General Discussions”.

The team are listening and there may be some changes - eg Decks (web) is offering a different theme and when they produce a dedicated app, I expect it will different to the current MemRise one.

We are in a transition period and they are kindly waiting until issues have been resolved to finally split the two (MemRise official and Contributor courses on Decks).

PS Thanks for that link and update @deichtine.

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There probably will be improvements along the way, however, I do not think the stark yellow and dark navy blue will go away. Unfortunately, it has been implemented across all their social media, website, and app. :unamused:

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