Is there a way to stop the timer?

Hi, I’m trying to learn Japanese, and the timer goes too fast. Is there a way to stop the timer that doesn’t break any of Memrise’s rules? Thank you very much.


Hi @prettynyguen,


Stop the timer…and doesn’t break any of Memrise’s rules.

PS - Don’t try it at home.

Have a nice time!


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There is a ‘tampermonkey’ script for stopping the timer, I remember from a year ago. (Tampermonkey is a chrome extension to add scripts; can do all kinds of nice things on Memrise, actually).

Maybe any of these two threads will help:

Sorry, I don’t have time, otherwise I would write a How To…

(function() {
document.getElementById(“central-area”).addEventListener(“DOMSubtreeModified”, function(){ = false


Lol this is my script

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As of Feb 2019, the suggested tampermonkey / script solution for Chrome doesn’t appear to work for me (and yes tampermonkey is enabled.)

It was still working for me yesterday and is today in Firefox V52.9.0esr with the current Tampermonkey version 4.8.5847 installed.

Would have to setup everything (from scratch) on another computer to be able to retest with Firefox Quantum V64.0 or Google Chrome V71.0.

Have you followed my latest comment to uncomment old code lines which just bring up red errors in the browser console?

No. I think I’ll continue to press Memrise to just allow a disable option in settings for everyone. Thanks anyway.

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Just a note to say that the timer can now be toggled off in your settings on web. Simply go to and toggle Lesson timer Yes/No.