Is There a Way to Slow Down The Timer for The Speed Review?


I’m currently studying Korean and most characters are very similar to each other and every time I’m doing the speed review, I tend to misinterpret the characters and go on without carefully paying attention to the characters.

With that said, Is there a way to slow the timer down using scripts or extensions for the speed review? I’m using Chrome, by the way.


i have same problem with korean and also with kanji for chinese and japonese… sometime it is so fast i cannot even read all the possible answers… wish it was a way to slow down as well…


Me too. Good question … how come no answer?


Yes, this needs to be user-configurable, maybe you get less points but at least you do less typos.


I agree. The speed review is IMHO not usable as it is programmed right now.

Same for me with Portuguese (BR) and the offical PT1-5 + PT Basic courses.

With the existence of longer sentences 4, 6 or even 8 multi-choice answers are ridiculous.
I can not even read the full sentences that quickly.
Even if I concentrate just on 1-2 words per sentence, to simply eliminate the wrong options, I fail to quickly select the correct option.

This is especially true after multiple correct answers where the timer bar does not start anymore from the bottom but at 1/2 or 3/4 of the bar height.
You never know how high the bar actually can go. It does not go higher than the top line of words, but you do not really see how high it can go.
As soon as the timer restarts to grow up from below after ~15/20/25 words, I can actually manage to pick correct answers.

Sorry, but who has programmed that timer crap and visual aiding???

Even for the DuoLingo Portuguese BR course, where no sentences are added and only single words have to be choosen, I always fail to bulk review 100 words in a row because of this bad timer design, especially as soon as it starts at 1/2 or 3/4 of the bar height.

Is it really that hard Memrise to program something actually useable?

I only can hope that some really good user script programmer jumps in and does their job :wink:
Thanks for your attention.


Another option, based on the last 30-60s of input, time how fast the responses are, the timer is adjusting to an average speed. If the responses come to close to max time allowed, the interval is again adjusted downwards.


I have complained about it in feedback, “Speed Review Considered Harmful”
When I began Memrise, it was testing me very often with Speed Review on words I already new from other sources. Initially I could complete 100 words with just 1 error per 200, at the Review pace.
Soon I felt stressed by Speed Review and was struggling to finish most tests. The problem was that there simply was not adequate time to read the question or answers properly, as they were long and complicated, stuff in brackets to qualify etc etc

Since, when it suggests speed review, I generally switch to classic, or close the app, figuring it’s time to end the session and come back later when there are actually overdue words to review, or I can productively work on learning new ones.


If you noticed, the speed review on the app after 20 or so questions is designed to give you only half the time for each question (it resets itself if you answered wrong), but somehow when i changed the orientation of my tablet to portrait, don’t ask me why, i got an equal amount of time for each question in a consistent manner. That helps greatly.

Now that would make it fairer … it really does not work speeding the pace on the card decks I tried it.
Since I concluded it was designed to mess with your head, so I let it time out rather than try to comply with impossible deadlines.

it doesn’t really take so long to review things in classic mode, after all it’s only the newest stuff that really needs prompt reviewing, a day or two won’t matter on stuff that you learned a month ago.

I agree I would like to be able to read all answers. It needs to have a choice of time variables. Or a manual setting.

Well, wish they had speed review in the iOS app, missing unlike the web page and Android app.

I think that the purpose of speed review is to actually review the foreign words. For me, the problem with the fast timer is that often one cannot hear the foreign words, because the app jumps to the next question. So I would like Speed Review to at least finish pronouncing the foreign words before starting to count time, in order to prevent jumping to the next question before letting the user hear the foreign words.

Whenever the foreign phrase/ string of words is fairly long a similar problem occurs with the writing: Not only is the pronouniation cut off (as indicated above), moreover, the written words are cut off, because the field containing the answer is too small!

Cutting both written and oral review off = not reviewing!

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I completely agree. I am learning Arabic which is quite difficult for me. The current implementation of a fast and fixed speed review is very frustrating for me. It does not further my learning. On the contrary. I wished it could be configured by the user in terms of:

  • speed / interval
  • toggle it on or off (there are times, e.g. when being ill, that taking the pressure off would be nice)

Agreed on the fact that sometimes the timer dosn’t even provide enough time to read the sentence you need to read to then go select an appropriate answer. :confused: Then I have to spot my answer. When working with Chinese with long sentences even with knowing the exact answer I need I sometimes can’t find the box it is in quickly enough. Or I panic and hit the wrong one. (I’ve said before, having a visual of the timer makes it stressful and adds errors.)