Is there a way to format text in multimedia lessons?

I did some snooping around already and it looks like there was a way to do formatting using markdown, but I tried basic headers, horizontal rule, and code blocks, but none of them worked. It seems like all I can do is make text bold or italicized, I can’t even add newlines.

Do multimedia levels even show up at all in the mobile app?

When Memrise went all wild about mobile-only, they started to completely neglect web-only features. And since they had decided to make the mobile app ignore and skip over all multimedia levels, that became de-facto a web only feature, so as a result, Memrise let it wither away without any attention.

As far as I know, that hasn’t changed, but it’s been at least a year since I checked the mobile app (it’s useless for the courses I created, in part because it doesn’t show multimedia levels, so I have no use for it), so maybe they’ve improved this aspect of it a bit?

If not - if multimedia levels are still web-only - then do not expect any attention or even a response from Memrise, even if they’ve broken significant features. They really really really don’t care about the community or the courses we create.

BTW, I notice that nobody from memrise has commented on this feedback post I made in May of 2020:

I think that’s pretty good evidence that they don’t mind if multimedia levels are broken, don’t care, and won’t respond to you either. But you could help by commenting on that post, liking it, and bumping it up so more people see it.

That’s a shame. I’m currently using the multimedia levels for grammar notes and I’d like to do at least a little bit of formatting (headers, horizontal bar, etc.). At the very least they could add some text level, that wouldn’t be difficult to port over to mobile.

Sure, there are many things they could do. But if they haven’t even responded to my suggestion to add links to multimedia levels on the web from the mobile app, in 9 months, do you think that indicates they intend to actually do anything ever?