Is there a way to efficiently move words from one level to another?

I have a large course with over 2k words and over 1k learners. I would like to move a large number of words around levels. Unfortunately, doing this for even a dozen words was painful – my method was to add the word to the new level and then delete them from the old level (deleting them first may delete them from the course).

There has to be a better way to do this than the way I was trying.


Sadly, no, as far as I know. Some of us brought this up on the old memrise forum as a feature request, but they never responded as far as I recall. And on this forum, they’ve told us explicitly that they don’t want to hear any feature suggestions or requests at all, so I expect they’ll ignore it if we ask again. I think we’re stuck with the painful process of dragging things one by one for years to come : (

I would try the following. As bulk add no longer gives results from your own course I think if you only use the first column, bulk add the entries into the new levels that you want, uploading all the columns. Then ignore the new levels and see if any words in the old levels didn’t get ignored. If they didn’t, success, and you can delete the old levels. If they did, fail, and you can see if it is still less work to use the new levels or not.

This does have consequences for your database though. Perhaps doubling the entries in that that after deletion of the extra levels don’t get deleted? I don’t know enough about how the multitude of bugs work to be more certain about that.

I ended up copying the words I wanted to move and pasting them to an Excel sheet, so I could then re-copy them to bulk add them to the level I wanted to move them to.
Depending on how many you need to move it might be easier to delete and re-create the level you’ve moved words from, otherwise I think you have to delete them one-by-one.
Not sure how this impacts the learners though …

I was just about to start writing a feature request for this, but instead I’ll just post here, to bump the topic up.
I often find myself with massive levels that I want to break up into less intimidating ones. Being able to move words between levels would be really useful - especially if the progress wouldn’t be lost.


What I generally do is duplicate the word in the previous or next level, copying it over. And then getting rid of the out of place word once it’s been copied and moved.

Hope that helps.

Granted I’m having trouble naming levels at the moment.

And the grammar components I’m most familiar with are only relevant for ChatBots, not necessarily natural language.

greeting + agent + request + item + for_from + neighbor

Yes, that works, but it would be nice to have the ability to drag the words between levels just like one can within one. Perhaps by holding down a key to avoid accidentally doing so.