Is there a way to edit someone's else course for myself?

I found some courses that exactly match my needs with clear explanation for words, The only problem is that they lack audio, Is there a way I can edit them and add audio for myself ? Like copying the course and editing it, Courses are old so I don’t have much hope of being able to contact the creators

Hi, you can request to become a contributor to abandoned courses, and so make changes for everyone to enjoy.
In the abandoned courses section do something like this "Spanish Duolingo" - Course Contributor Request

sorry @bdbd78498, but I don’t know any way for it to happen.
Good Luck!

I usually also create a [Course Forum] partly to check if the Creator is around or if there are any other Contributors.

I then link to it on my “Abandoned Courses” thread.

If I’m given access I say that in that thread and give a link (in the course description) to it, so others doing the course can comment too.


Request to look after this Leaf Morphology Course

Hi @bdbd78498, here are some ideas - let me know if you need more detail.

You can usually generate a text file (suitable for pasting into a spreadsheet) from an existing course using tech189’s Memrise Scraper tool:
Memrise Scraper - tech189’s Website

You’d then have to create a new course, create levels and copy/paste the content of the text file into the levels you’ve created. I’d strongly recommend using the ‘Bulk Add’ Memrise function to load up each level.

If you’re working on a common European language, you could choose to automatically upload computer-generated audio clips using the Chrome extension described in the following thread.