Is there a way to download courses onto my phone?

(Kirsty Cook7) #1

I want to be able to use mesmerize on the go but the courses available are by community members.

(Baite) #2

Yes, you can, but you have to go to the website first to search for and start studying a user-created course. Then it will appear in the App as well. Unfortunately, Memrise had her reasons to remove the possiblity to find user-created courses using the (android) app.

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

memrise can be quite mesmerizing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the lovely typo :smiley: - was it predictive text at work???

(Thomas Heiss) #4

(Zefira) #5

@John_Baite Can you elaborate on the reasons or is this something that cannot go public :slight_smile:
And did I understand the first question completely wrong? Wasn’t @KirstyCook7 indicating that only courses designed by community members (and not by memrise) are available in the app? I am not only asking out of curiousity but because I have to rely on the app for two weeks very soon.

(Thomas Heiss) #6

Hi Zefira,

No. Test for yourself.
Only offical Memrise 1-7 courses are available in the course list (for different languages) on the apps.
Community-courses are hidden.

Maybe older Android app versions would help; will have to re-test with my version.

You can test this with an Android emulator software (KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu, etc.) if you have no smartphone available.

(Kirsty Cook7) #7

I’ve been able to download community member courses on my phone. Im frustrated because I paid for the extra features available by the app created courses and that course was very short for Icelandic.


(Amanda Norrsken) #8

I think these should be good enough reasons for you to be able to get a full refund on your Pro subscription.

(Baite) #9
  • You have already understood that there are two types of courses on Memrise: Memrise’s own created courses, and user-created courses.

  • Now, when you search for any course using the App, you will only find the Memrise ones. I think that is what Kristy is referring to.

  • When you search on the web, you find both, Memrise and user-created.

  • If on the web, you start studying a user-created course using the web by even only answering one question of a course, the course is added to your learning-list.

  • Now, though you cannot find this course in the App using search, it is visible in the App in the list with any other courses you are doing.

So: if you want (to find and) to study any user-created course, you need to use the web for at least the very first time.

Note1: If you are traveling and can use only the app, usually, you might be able to use the phone’s browser to just access the memrise web once, to just find the right course and to answer just one question.

Note2: It might require a restart of the App before the recently started course to show up. Fiddeling around also helps now and then (e.g. going to ‘You -> Settings’ and back); this update thing is somewhat flacky (do I spell that word correctly?).

Note3: When you talk about ‘going public’, do you mean ‘findable using the App/website’? Usually we use ‘public’ on memrise to mean that a user-created course is available for everyone, as opposed to private, where only the course-creator and contributors can see the course.

(Thomas Heiss) #10

I can not even find an offical course “Islandic 2” only the “Islandic 1”?!? :slight_smile:

See my answer in your 2nd thread:

(Zefira) #11

@Thomas.Heiss Thanks a lot and yes, I checked it. At least I can see those I am already learning! Thanks again and have anice evening :slight_smile:

(Zefira) #12

@John_Baite Thanks a lot for your explanations, this helps a lot and the suggestion with the phone browser is very good! I can see the courses I already learn but that’s a good idea if I want to add something on the go,

I googled “flacky” and found only “flaky” but Google can be a very bad friend as we all know :wink:

When I was taking about going public I was referring to your first post in this thread, in which you wrote
“Unfortunately, Memrise had her reasons to remove the possiblity to find user-created courses using the (android) app.” I was curious about Memrise’s reasons to remove the community courses from the app.

Allow me one more question: It seems that I cannot use the forum through the app or did I overlook something?
Thanks again, I am new to memrise although I registered already 15 months ago but only recently fled Duolingo. Have a nice evening :slight_smile:

(Baite) #13

That is right, the App is really only for studying, not the forum. The community thing is not so much integrated into the app.

(Zefira) #14

Thanks a lot!