Is there a problem with Android Notification Settings?

Since the last update I am getting an early morning reminder to to my learning session.

Session ready

You will see the time should be 9 am but it is greyed out meaning I should not get them.

So is this something else - ie does saying “yes” produce more notifications?

Hey DW7,

would you mind letting me know if enabling, waiting a couple of minutes and disabling again, fixes the issue?



Try to turn it on, uncheck weekdays, turn off again. Seems like it worked for me.

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Wow, this seems to have changed as well - just tried it out. But with it looking like the following, setting a time is another game of chance …


There’s also a strong need for push-notifications toggle. It’s no good when you are offering to turn off notifications with system settings.

Hi @jborrego,

I have set reminders on and off with swiping the App off each time.

I have also left it set on for a day then turned it off for a day but I still got a reminder when I switched my phone on this morning.

It’s well before 9 am, not even 7 am!


I will now try @hombre_sin_nombre’s suggestion - thanks.

Hi @jborrego, sadly Hombre’s solution didn’t work either.

“Your next lesson is ready” and the dot on the App are still displaying.

Not that I mind, it’s just not what I would expect and it must be running in the background.

As suggested above, I’ve now gone into the Android settings and turned off lesson notifications, but left the ones about updates and downloading.

Having turned off MemRise notifications in Android settings (as well as in the App), I don’t have a reminder this morning.

I’ve managed without a daily reminder for some 4 years or more :wink:

Thanks for the troubleshooting DW7. We would like to investigate this though, could you let us know your device brand and model? Some OEMs have really different ways of managing energy settings and we have had to build it in a way that works for all. Hopefully with that info we can investigate it