Is there a general Memrise guide


I am trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing on Memrise. There seems to be no direction to anything, no feedback to say how far you are through your chosen course, I’m constantly in the dark about what I’m supposed to be doing and where I am in the course.

Is there a guide for how we’re supposed to navigate through the courses?

I also notice that most of the course isn’t even available on the web. Is that why my course never seems to end or progress?


What language course are you currently doing?

French, but it’s a general question, really.

Hi @symzie and welcome to the forum,

Have you found the FAQs area yet? On the web version, the link is at the foot of most pages but heres a quick link for you:

You’ll find most things explained there.

The course ‘homepage’ shows your progress. You can see how many of the words in the course you have completed the learning cycle for (in ‘long term memory’) and how many are due for review under Memrise’s ‘spaced repetition system’:

You will find a summary of all of the courses you are learning on your ‘dashboard’:

On this page, you can either navigate to your individual courses by clicking on the yellow button (which shows Memrise’s suggested next type of activity) or click on the button with 3 yellow dots and choose the activity you want to do.

Hope this helps. Come back if you need to.There are always people ready to help.

[Edit: Sorry. While typing this @My_beautiful_Fenix, who has also responded, may have some useful tips for you.]

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