Is there a course forum created by @emmakiddo

@emmakiddo has not been on Memrise or Decks in the last month, but more I cannot tell.

They have made this course (1000 Words English). English for German speakers. It is, in my opinion, a very good and well structured course, but there are some issues with it:

  1. refridgerator = Kühlschrank
    Nobody - at least where I live - says this any more. Fridge is now the norm.

  2. to reside = wohnen
    Yes, it does. But I have never heard anyone use this word. Perhaps live?

  3. schwester should be Schwester

@emmakiddo is not getting hylighted, so they must not be on the forums, right? If that is correct, please could I be added as a contributor so that I can make these changes.

I would, of course, also make a course forum and link it in the description - in German.

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@rlkirby Many thanks, we have contacted the user with your request, inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.

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