Is the layout of multiple choice questions broken for anyone else?


Has the layout of multiple choice questions suddenly changed for anyone else? They’re suddenly stacked in a single column instead of two for me. Furthermore, if I press the down key twice on my keyboard, it will select option one, then option 3, suggesting the arrow keys act as if the options are still in two columns. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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it is not a bug, it is a feature…

see this: It is difficult to identify long words (Text box too small)

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Or just a feature with bugs… It’s on my plate to fix this today :slight_smile:


Yes, I have seen this stacking a few times (but not all the time). I think it is because, as suggests, because some of the answers are too long to fit in the box when there are two next to each other.

Which makes me wonder again: why does Memrise use only the middle part of the screen, with two big white empty side bars?