Is the course "German 1" by Memrise incomplete?

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I am taking the course German 1 (by Memrise) and I would like to know why the steps (mini-courses) are not numbered following a continuous sequence (1,2,3,4,5,6,…)? There are missing numbers in my path! Thanks. Luis

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Hello :slight_smile:
If you are taking the official German course, you can ask the person responsible for the German course in this topic:
[Course Forum] German 1-7 by Memrise

If you are using the web version, and the course has been released recently, it may be the same problem that is happening to me in my Japanese course. The course is complete, but because of a bug, it appears incomplete. There is a difference in the total of words learned and the levels are not in sequence (see here). I spoke with the person responsible for the Japanese course and she already contacted the technicians, who are trying to solve the problem.

Even so, you can speak to the specialist of the German course, to inform her that your course also has a problem.

PS: I’m sorry, I don’t speak English very well.

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Hi Mila,
Many thanks for your message. It helps me a lot, as I am having exactly the same problem as you with the Japanese course.
I will contact the people in charge of the German course to see if they can do something about it.
All the best!

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Did you get a reply?