Is the course free?

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Could anyone tell me, please, are the courses “Japanese 1” and “Japanese 1 (no script)” are now only accessible for subscribers only? My wife have everything locked (as on the attached screenshot), though I’m still able to learn. We both currently are not subscribers.
When she presses the “Words and phrases” button, the application immediately asks her to subscribe.

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Seems like this common problem today, surely related to this other new thread: Is it free or not?!.

I don’t know the answer, but obviously you’re not the only one having issues.

edit: Wait a minute… I must be sleepy. You’re poster for both, aye? Man, I need to start paying attention properly, lol. I’m sure @MemriseSupport will be able to help best.

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Sorry for double posting, by the way.

// Though, after some search on the forum, I’m starting to suspect that @MemriseSupport won’t recognize the problem even after triple- or quadruple-posting, as I’m not the first one with it, and the problem seems to exist for quite a time already.

(𖧧 𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ׅ ׅ ׅ 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #4

Not entirely surprising, if disheartening. It’ll be fixed eventually? As far as I know, basic parts of a course are free, with just things like grammarbot and learnwithlocals being locked. Don’t see a reason why there would be disparity between your and your wife’s accounts for the course.

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Is she using an IOS device and the Memrise mobile app?

What platform are you personally on? Android?

Try it on the web portal.

Is it free or not?!
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