Is Memrise RACIST !?

Last year I created a course in memrise for Tamazight learners. the language of north Africa spoken by more than 30million people. and suddenly I couldn’t find it in the languages bar. and I had no other choice than tag the course in “other language”. i emailed memrise, and they answered me positively and promise to add “Tamazight” to the names of languages on the site. but that was not what happened. I emailed them after one year more than once but no answer is received.

my request was simple. not bagging them to make a course in my language, it was only adding the name of it.

i hope they do it. not a complicated thing.

Maybe Memrise didn’t get your email because something was wrong. Other wise I don’t think Memrise is racist. I hope that this theory was helpful :blush:


I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you, they should be able to help.


It has nothing to do with racism. My mother tongue Turkmen is also not added. There are so many languages, and if they were to add so many of them, it will be quite crowded. If their language tag uses search function, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem. But as you can see, they don’t have search function when you want to select the teaching language. Apart from languages, there are many educational categories that are not added. You will find other such courses in the miscellaneous section.


Hi @meed_ln, we’re sorry that this language hasn’t been added as a category on our website yet. I can see it is in the list of language categories requested by users, but unfortunately our web team have not been able to action it as of yet. I will follow up with the team for a possible timeframe on this. Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:


@MemriseSupport ll be grateful if you add it, but I will thank u so much when you do so, thank you for your comforting reply :slight_smile:

ya, I know it’s not a big deal, I can anyways add a course. But I mean we all like our languages, and we want them to be included. but seeing many languages included while mine has more speakers, and spoken in a large geographical area, and yet not mentioned it the categories, I thought it’s not fair

I’m fairly sure that Memrise chose what languages to add based entirely on how many users they believe want to learn the language on Memrise, so it has nothing to do with how many speakers a language has nor how large an area it’s spoken in. It’s not “fair”, it’s just about the sort of people who are on the Internet and likely to use Memrise, and what languages those people want to learn (not what they already speak, but what they want to learn).

On the other hand, they did tell you a long time ago that they would add your language since you requested it. So what you’re seeing in this long delay, again is unrelated to fairness or race, it’s that Memrise has for several years now been very severely neglecting the community and user-created courses altogether. You’re feeling a little bit of the same thing all of us course creators have been experiencing, no matter what language or other topic we make courses for. Memrise just doesn’t pay us much attention, nor care much about us, or the effort we had put into Memrise. It was much better until around 2016 or so, and some course creators remember when it was better. Others are new, and have only seen the neglected wasteland that the Memrise community platform has been since then.

Oh great, another idiot screaming REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECISM!!! over something minor, contributing to the watering down of the words meaning. Just so you guys know, OP is only using that word in order to coerce memrise into doing what he demands.