Is Memrise going to Implement Deck Creation on the App?

Does Memrise have any intention of making it accessible for users to create decks directly using the app without relying on the website platform? There are many deck-type apps on the market with a common feature that all consist of the ability to do this. If the new Decks app doesn’t have a feature like this then it really feels like Memrise has no intention of helping build a community-based platform, rather it was just a tactic to wean out community content from their own created courses. As a personal note, if the Decks app continues to be a low budget looking replica of the main Memrise app without features that drive community-based input then I personally would end up discontinuing the use of an app like Decks and use another flashcard/deck type app that is less cumbersome and allows for more efficient ways of deck creations.


I agree. Being able to create new courses or add to/edit existing courses on the app is very much needed. It would make things so much more convenient, and hopefully prevent people from switching to other apps.

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