Is it possible to use one database for multiple courses?

Basically the title.

I have two learning methods for German and since it is from the same publisher, a lot will overlap. Not all.

I do want to make it two separate courses, but if I learn one word in the first course, it should already come up as learnt in the latter course. Is this überhaupt possible?

I don’t think that would be possible as courses are self-contained. The only link between courses is found in the official Memrise courses where, for instance in the app, you can move back and forth between consecutive parts (i. e. from 2 to 3 or from 2 back to 1).

Ah, bummer. Thanks for your answer.

Shame, since one of the methods is basically just a shorter version of the other one. Oh well, gives me something to do with my time during this pandemic haha.

You can just mark words ignored and then they won’t come up again.