Is it possible to study a course with all the levels in one set?

I’m pretty new to using Memrise as a study app. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to “merge” or study all the levels in one set. (It’s a course to learn only vocabulary). And I had no luck figuring it out and or figuring out if it’s possible.
Thank you.

Welcome @Kyuwxa,

Most courses are designed with levels (within a course) and are usually there for a reason.

It is pretty easy to move up levels.

However some Community Created Courses (CCC) only have one level and I’ve seen others that have a “revision” level (often at the end) that has all the previous items in that one level.

Some levels are small (just a few items) and others can have up to 60+ items!

Just look for a title of a level or an item count of each level.

Of course if you create your own course you can do what you like.