Is it possible for students to cheat on memrise?

I’ve set up groups for my classes at school. In one group, there is a student who is getting a huge amount of points in very short time scales. Is it possible that they have found a way to get more points?

Various threads have been started and closed on this matter. I suggest you do a search (top right corner of browser - the magnifying glass) just using the word “cheat”

You have to classify “huge” and “very short time scales.” It is certainly possible to earn 100,000 points a day for example. The most likely explanation is that they’ve become enthused about a course and spending a bit more time on Memrise.

Are you looking at the leaderboards of the individual courses and are they getting the points there?

There’s likely a number of ways to game the point system. Do not have student’s grades or successes depend upon Memrise’s point system. As for cheat, well, if you’re using Memrise as a form of study/homework then you should also have some sort of assessment in class to verify their progress.

I sort of wish Memrise allowed us to see how many of our (or student’s) learned material surpassed 20 or 30 days in spacing (watering). That would be a good gauge of how much the student has actually learned. Certainly better than an arbitrary point system that awards more for just initial learning and less for stuff in actual long term memory.


I like to do the quick review on courses I wish to really review vocabulary regularly, before Memrise suggests that I do, one quick review session is around 4500 pts in a few minutes. So in 1 hour someone would really hack in thousands of points, without learning. They would then not be cheating.

We have different rhythms of learning and different available time to do it. A lot of points does not mean cheating. That’s why I suggested you look at those subjects to see if your situation can be described as such.

Bottom line. Memrise is about learning, points make it fun. Cheating the points is not learning. If someone scores too fast for you, stop following them, you wont see them.

well, answers seem to revolve around of what is “cheating” for various people. The OP asked if cheating is possible on memrise - yes, it is, definitely, there are tons of cheaters on Memrise. However, you, as teacher of the pupil, can check anytime if the child really knows those items.


It is possible to cheat but the only one i know is on the app, and not the desktop version. i have 7.5 million points and 1 million of those were from the cheat but i don’t do it anymore. how i actually did it was when i answer the question i quickly turn the phone/tablet so the screen rotates. it stays on the same question and you just click the same answer every time.

It gets boring after a while which is why i stopped doing the cheat. however i know a way without cheating you can get points sort of fast.

I let all my review words build up for a week or 2, in the process just learning new words. unlike learning words you get 150 points for each word. after a few weeks i review all the words that need to be reviewed.

Trust me there is even bigger cheating in the top 10 overall for memrise.

The final badge you can get in memrise is Overlord which is for 100 million points. One day when I was bored I decided to look up memrise overlord and find a picture of the top 5 users on the program. Being the person I am I wanted to see if some of them still use memrise. To my surprise, some of them did. The highest user being over 250m points, and 100k that week

I came back 1 hour later to check if they had been on it in that time, however nothing had changed. Confused I refreshed the page. 1.04 million this week! How! Just how! I thought the rotation glitch was powerful but this, well this is overpowered and not fair!

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what for strange accounts:;

over the years, I saw a number of strange account in the most used mandarin courses, the japanese ones are “affected” as well…

I know for a fact some of my students are cheating, and here’s how they are doing it: in any given course, students can choose which words they want to study - in the case of the students who are cheating, they select only one word in the list of words in the course (usually a very short word). Memrise asks them that one word repeatedly, and they just keep answering it correctly over and over. I am wondering if there is a way to set up courses where students cannot select the words they want to study; that way they are required to study all the words in the list.

It’s mainly point farming courses