Is it free or not?!

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I’m learning the Japanese language course created by Memrise, For me, it seems to be completely free.
But when my wife tries to learn it, it does not allow her to! The application shows all lessons from the course as locked and subscription-only.
And we have exactly the same problem with the “no script” Japanese course found by For me it’s free; for her it’s locked.

Why is that so?
Sorry if this was answered somewhere on the forums: I’ve searched for, but haven’t found an answer.

EDIT: None of us is subscriber. I was one (about 1 year ago, if my memory serves me right), for about a month.

I would pay for the app again, but I am currently really annoyed with the NY sale wich promoted the price of 650 rubles per year, but on attempt to pay it required me, suddenly, to pay $30, wich is three times more! Just imagine you go to a grocery store, see a price tag saying the good is sold with a 50% discount, but when you come to the cashier, he suddenly asks to pay a triple price compared to the discounted one. I would never ever return to such a store.

Is the course free?
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Try having her learn courses on the website version, then switching back to the app. It seems that new app users get locked behind a paywall sometimes, whereas the web stuff is still all free.

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Yeah. Loads of people are experiencing this. Not sure why.

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We both are using Android only, but still she can’t use it because of paywall, while I can.
We tried this with several Japanese courses, and the situation remains the same with every course from Memrise (we didn’t try unofficial ones yet).

Today she tried to use the web portal, and it appears that she can learn this way. But the lessons are still unavailable in the Android application even after reinstalling the application, even after she finish them in web portal, as can be seen in the the attached screenshot:

And, as you see, even the “Words and Phrases” button is locked - isn’t it supposed to be a free mechanic?