Is it achievable goal or cheating?

Hi everyone! Just want to say, I’m not butthurting, just wondering :grin:

How is it possible, that this guy K1V earn 566,195 points in German 1 memories course in less than couple of days?) His Week score = Month score = All time score in that course … On Monday and Tuesday he wasn’t in the highest lines Leaderboard, on Wednesday bam and he’s #1. Is it achievable? I tried :sweat_smile:

Another one +3,3k per min :star_struck:

Upd :thinking: 1 700 000

Upd: 3 000 0000+ Really?:rofl:

Is this a typing or no typing course? If i’m breezing through reviews, getting everything right and hitting next really quickly I could get 30k in 15 minutes, but that’s an upper limit of what’s possible for typing courses. No typing could be different. 3+ million is ridiculous though, so he’s likely either doing no typing for a course he already fully knows and is just trying to get those points to make himself feel great, or he’s cheating. If it’s a typing course, then he’s definitely cheating.

Maybe he could be doing lots of reviewing and be really dedicated.

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Hi GUITARETER. I don’t know if I should feel attacked or honored. My result is real. If you enter your profile settings, then in the “Learning” tab, set the learning style to “super advanced”. In this mode, replays have 100 words per repetition session. Learning sessions are also probably longer. You can do one such session in 6-8 minutes and it gives about 13-16k points. Try it.

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If it’s real then congratulations, that’s really incredible, i’ve never seen it before on memrise, and i’ve been here for 5 years now.

I’ve only been here for a bit over 2y now. But I just did the maths out of curiosity: I’ve scored 42.330.681 points during this time (776 days now) which gives ~54.550 points per day on average. Over the past 2 months or so I think I didn’t do more than 20-30k/day. I usually spend about 1-1.5h in the morning for that. This is working on current courses, i. e. including learning new words which scores less than repetitions.

However, like 2-4 times a year I’ll be sitting in a train for some 4-5 hours. Usually I’ll spend this time with my tablet and the app. I will have done my “morning session” already then so I’ll mostly be repeating old courses and should usually be doing around 150-250k points during that time.

Last but not least, I’ve had a few weeks where I did short of a million points for the week (having had and spent lots of time), but I also see people who I believe are learning (rather than just attempting to score points) who regularly score 700k points per week.