Is anyone else having this problem?

Just got back into learning Japanese from taking a break on Hafestra. Is it just me or does not enough time get spent on just learning the Kanji?

( I rectified it in my own use case, creating an unlisted personal class focusing on the Kanji.)

But it seems like it quickly goes from Kanji to more advanced stuff.

I was also struggling with Kanji when I started to use Memrise, so I decided to learn them separately (using Wanikani).
Now I seldomly found kanji in Memrise that I don’t already know, so I can focus my Memrise time on learning sentences, vocabulary.

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Yea I’ll have to see where it goes. I’m needing to brush up on Japanese, as Japanese is pretty much have the French-Creole language: Ex.

Je nam wa Sarah, eso ton sonwa?

Is there a good Wanakani course?

Wanikani is a website focused on helping people to learn Kanji and associated vocabulary, but nothing else, no grammar, no sentences. So it does only one thing, but does it well.
I find it being a good complement to Memrise.


Will look into it! Thanks.