iOS update has made Japanese nearly impossible

(Hayley Rachel Eppsb5) #1

Please can this be addressed?
The update has taken away any third reading of a word when you get it correct (as in if you get a kanji correct from and English word, the hiragana is no longer displayed or if you get the English correct the kanji or hiragana for that word are not shown). This is crucial to learning a language with as many “alphabets” as Japanese.
Also the interface is worse, the keyboard can’t be displayed properly. In the screen shot I don’t even have a space bar, so I can’t type the answer out correctly.
Also the skip behaviour has changed, it no longer counts it as an item to review. And there is no sound for getting something wrong.
As a long term member and one with over 1000 days streak, I’d like this to be fixed.

(Thomas Heiss) #2

Do you have at least audio in your Japanese course?

(Hayley Rachel Eppsb5) #3

I have some audio yes. Do you not?

(Thomas Heiss) #4

The other two Japanese courses have no audio uploaded for ALL words.

My Portuguese courses usually have audio, but some courses like “50 languages” miss quite a lot / all MP3 files for sentences.

My Duolingo PT BR vocabulary clone course from MartinPen uses audio MP3 uploads for most of the words, but “Memrise Audio Provider” still catches a few words here and there where it jumps back to TTS.

As so many people seem to complain about mobile apps and lack of features I just thought it would be appreciated if write about it how to permanently add audio for ALL words if some courses are missing them.

(Marcus W) #5

This bug is also discussed at [Feedback] Advanced Japanese Vocabulary course no longer displays phonetic kana readings in reviews

(Bteyema) #6

I study Chinese through a custom course that my language school created, and this same issue has made my learning process a lot more difficult. The app no longer displays the pinyin (phonetic text) to know how each character is pronounced. I really hope they can resolve this very soon, as it has significantly hindered my learning and desire to continue using Memrise…