iOS Multiple Question Duplicates

I have noticed this issue across numerous courses, however, this report focuses on this course/level: Level 2 - Emotions - German Translations (+ Audio) - Memrise

  • Description of the issue: I have noticed the issue mostly in the Learn Mode. There seems to be a bug that shows the correct answer multiple times on the screen. I have attached some images below of what I am experiencing. The frequency of this happening is quite high with every second question round in each session.

  • Your device make and model iPhone 11

  • OS version 14.4.2

  • Memrise app version v3.2.33.34248

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue Mostly using the Learn Mode feature, I have also experienced it with the Classic Review Mode with both text and image-based questions.

  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem?

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve now created a ticket so our team can look into it asap. Internal code - QA-835

Thanks for your patience,