IOS memrise icon badge not updating

System in use:

IOS: 9/10
IPhone 6s
Memrise: 2.1.29

The memrise icon badge on ios is not updating at all. It shows always “50”, nevertheless what I do or change in the settings. What should it be showing?



Is the total number of words you need to review less than 50? That badge maxes out at 50. Whether you have 50 words up for review or 99999999999 words up for review, it will still show 50. However, if you have less than 50 words that you must review, the number should be accurate.


Thanks, this explains the behavior. I have more than 50 words to review on a daily basis. Is this going to be changed some day? I’m interested in the total amount of work I have to do, whether it is more than 50 or not.


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I remember this being brought up a bit less than a year ago and one of the developers said that this was intentional. Despite our protests, that developer was only giving explanations for why the behaviour was favourable and not opening any discussion regarding whether it should be changed. Personally, I am against this being as it is. A limit of 50 words makes the feature completely worthless for me.


In my case the icon badge is stuck at 50 even I have 0 words to review, this wasn’t the case in my prev Android phone, but it seems a problem in the iOS app.

How to fix this? or at least to reset the notifications?

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It’s been like that for ages, at least the max 50 even if there are far more words to review. Sloppy programming.

I am new to Memrise. Since I installed the App and updated it for few times, I only see the badge updated after I opened the App. Won’t it be updated at the background?