iOS keyboard no longer persistant

I was using Memrise on my iPhone today and for typing exercises always type with the iOS keyboard. It was that I tapped the keyboard button at the top of an exercise and then the iOS keyboard was always showing up for a typing exercise.

However today when I came to a typing question the Memrise (limited) keyboard was showing. I tapped the Keyboard button at the top which was rather unresponsive, but after a few taps the iOS keyboard came up. I answered it and moved on, but when the next typing exercise came up the Memrise keyboard was back again.

Is this a bug? Is there any way to ensure that the iOS keyboard consistently appears when a typing exercise comes up? It’s quite annoying to tap it to come up every time.



I’m experiencing the same! I hope this gets fixed soon, it’s really annoying.


Please fix it! @kevin5284

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Please fix this soon. It really puts my motivation down.

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Could this have anything to do with iOS13 changes?

I noticed something suspicious: Duolingo used to be able to automatically switch the keyboard from one language to the other when doing the exercises. But now since iOS13 it has stopped doing that!

So maybe the issue is actually coming from Apple not authorising that behaviour anymore? :thinking:

Could be Gaston! I noticed that there hadn’t been an update to Memrise in a week when I first noticed the issue and I have been using it daily. I suspect it was an iOS change.

Additionally, while I would still want this to be fixed, I did find something helpful for the meantime. If you just tap the text field, the iOS keyboard WILL pop up. It still doesn’t stay persistently, but it’s much better than tapping the rather unresponsive keyboard button at the top.

Do you mean the rectangle above the suggested letters? it’s not working for me…

no updates on this yet? Also, clicking on the text field did not work for me either.
Bummer since using the limited keyboard feels too much like cheating and doesn’t help me memorize the readings of kanjis.


For me the text field also didn’t seem to work, until I clicked on the button in the top right to open the keyboard. Then I could open the keyboard by clicking on the text field for the next exercises. Much better! :slight_smile:

Same problem here. Please can this be fixed and can you let us know when it’s done (either through release notes or by reply). Thanks.

This should have been resolved in the latest release. Could you please update to the newest version and let me know?


Hi Jesus,

Yes this is all fixed up for me. Thanks so much!


If you have a password set, your device will prompt you to enter it and then warn you that it’s about to “delete all custom words you have typed on the keyboard.”