iOS 11 Bugs

(Tony Stang10) #1

I have been using iOS 11 for a few days now and have found that my iPhones battery donest last as long I have a iPhone 7 Plus the camera app sticks when opening apps it is very slow the mail app seems to not want to update and retrieve my mail a lot of pre installed apps on the iPhone crash or become non responsive, lock screen seems to have part of the music player of and sticks there I hope Apple can review these for next beta and patch as the feedback app does not have the option to feedback for iOS 11

(Joshua) #2

Hey, sorry to hear you’'re experiencing some battery issue with your iPhone. You may want to head to the Apple store so they can have a look at your device.

(khx333) #3

At least the battery usage for Memrise is down to 36% on my system compared with over 50% two months’s ago. Still high but at least some of the performance issues seems to have been fixed.