Introducing our Word of the Day Chrome Extension for Spanish Speakers

Hello everyone,

We’ve recently had some fun at a recent hackathon building a Chrome Extension to show you a Spanish word/phrase of the day. Open a new tab and you’ll see a fun bit of vocab picked by our language specialists like this one:

We’re testing this as a beta so we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! You can find it on the Chrome store here.


Nice! Would be cool though if you could also add audio!


I surely understand, it’s a beta… but still: when will we see new words instead of just another go-around with the very same vocabulary? as of now it’s not of very much use :wink:


We’re currently collecting a bunch of feedback around the extension whilst we work on other projects. Once we’re in a position to launch v1.0 of the chrome extension, we’ll definitely be adding some more dynamic content.