Introducing Dark Mode for the Memrise Apps!

Hi everyone,

I’m thrilled to announce that we added a Dark Mode to the Android app! iOS will shortly follow.

It’s been one of the most requested features, and it makes us really happy to finally deliver it. It took us longer than expected, so we thank you for your immense patience. You’ve already outlined all of the benefits having a Dark Mode would add to your language learning experience, so we won’t list them here again.

Instead, download the latest version of the app to try it out! Here are the steps to switch it on/off:

  • Open the app
  • Tap on your Profile icon
  • Tap on the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen
  • Scroll down, the Dark Mode toggle will be right there.

We hope you enjoy a more comfortable learning experience.

settings dashboard


My oh my, Christmas came early this year. Thanks for the feature!


First impression that dark mode is OK, but in typing tests I’d rather see grey letters or something, than white, because they are too bright - and big - for a dark background . Also, if new words in learning sessions have mems, then there appear big white blocks half a screen size, which are also very bright for a dark mode.


I really love the dark mode. And I agree with @Hombre_sin_nombre that the white lettering is glaring against the dark background but for the first time in a long while I can actually really see the kanjis. :+1:


Second the too bright of a contrast.
Also, words flagged as difficult are hardly recognizable as the flash icon is black - I suppose someone simply forgot to adjust its color.

But I do like it! :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s a bug with displaying additional info in a card ("+" button) in dark mode. If you tap on it, you just can’t see this info.

Got some use out of the dark mode, and it’s making it a lot better. The ads are a tad large, but I can work with it.

It’s a step in the right direction. Still a long way to go, but this is a good step.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments! We’ve made some tweaks and changes to Dark Mode based on your feedback, you’ll see these with the latest Android release:

  • We lightened the background colour to help with the contrast.
  • We matched the session keyboard colour to the session colour.
  • We changed the colour of the difficult words indicator so it’s easier to see.

You can preview the changes in the screenshots below.

For iOS users there’s also good news - you can now switch to our new Dark Mode in your app settings! Watch out for more updates in upcoming releases as we make further improvements.

Background - Before & After:

Keyboard - Before & After


Much better now, cheers!



When I use the dark mode, I have a bad experience using the mem notation screen, because the background and fonts colors are almost the same, and they’re too light, and I can’t see the explanation of a given word neither the text for the mem itself.
But the rest of the dark mode is very comfortable to use as the default :slight_smile:

Here’s a print :

@MemriseMatty, @MemriseSupport
There is another problem with the dark mode. When learning new words or going through difficult words a lot of the words have a plus sign next to it to find out what the translation is or what (I am studying Japanese courses) the Kanji looks like. In the dark mode the field appearing clicking on the plus sign is empty. Switching to light mode the field is not empty.


So I’m assuming you guys don’t care about the website? Dark Mode is an even more important feature on PC’s/Laptops since your screen is much larger.

It’s sad when the community takes more care of your website than the website owners themselves. I guess I’ll stick to my custom themes from the Stylish addon…

Dark Mode is an even more important feature on PC’s/ Laptops since your screen is much larger.

Hi @MemriseMatty - is this something that can be applied to us computer users?

Personally not a problem for me as A) I’ve set my pc to apply night (warm colours) mode after 8 pm and B) I try to avoid the screen late evenings :wink:


Can you leave the colors as they were without dark mode? It looks like you just turn negative on, not a proper dark mode. I actually can’t even see the letters when I review something in the ‘difficult words’ portion of the app. It’s a nice feature, but still has things it needs worked out. Thank you!

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Wow! Thanks Memrise for adding a Dark Mode option :new_moon_with_face:. I’m loving it and I’m sure many other users are too! There are some things (already listed by everyone else) that could be improved. But apart from that. It’s great!


Thanks for the new feature!


Are there any plans for the website to receive a similar feature?


I see the announcements about the dark mode for androi. The Kindle fire is an android devicet, but I do not see a new version of the app in the Kindle store. I hope you will remedy that soon. Thanks.