Intermediate French: Articles for speakers

In the “Learn New Words” exercises in Intermediate French, the speakers do not use the articles. For example, for “La Vierge” the speaker just says “Vierge.” We, however, must use the articles. It would help us to learn the words if the speakers would use the articles too. That’s how many of us learn new words, not just the noun itself but the noun combined with the article. I find this lack of the article to be a major disadvantage. Thanks

In addition, in sections 25 and 26 of Intermediate French, the speaker sometimes uses the definite article when the written text uses the indefinite article and vice versa. For example, the voice says “Le klaxon,” but the written text and correct answer is “Un klason”; the voice says “un accident” when the written text is “L’accident.” The Memrise staff need to do a thorough review of the article to noun relation.

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