Intermediate French again

There are two ways to say “better”, mieux and meilleur. Just lost points guessing which one.

You’re more like to get a response if you add a link to the course you’re talking about.

I did mention Intermediate French.

The course title is INTERMEDIATE FRENCH.

I did read that but there’s more than one course called “Intermediate French”. It’s always helpful to include a link to the course. On this occasion I assume (guess) you mean the Memrise official one?

Sorry Maxine. Here is the link:


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There are two ways of saying “line”, le trait and la ligne. I have just lost a heart because I guessed the wrong one!

Intermediate French - two words for REAL. Réel and Véritable

Lost points guessing which one to chose.

There are many examples of two English words (for one French word) - and I find it annoying because it always comes down to guesswork and/or memory.

Yes, or in my case two French words (for one English word).

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