Interlingua de Peano (Latino Sine Flexione)

Hi! Is there anything you dislike about this --> ? Let me now down here

Salve. An te es creatore de cursu? Me habe plure dubio…

I don’t understand what your question is. I just translated a few sentences so that I could practice a little. Do you have any improvement in mind?

Me pete venia sed me es novo ad Memrise et non sci quomodo id opera. Optimo que te habe idea de hic cursu. Tamen post me scribe 20-30 vice identico phrasi ("viro bibe, femina bibe,…) Me incipe opina id tedioso. Hic modo nos fac fuge novo studento. Si possibile nos pote meliora.

Hi. I saw your Memrise profile picture of Thoth from the SMT/Persona games while scrolling through the leaderboard of an Indonesian course.
Then I looked at your profile and saw you were teaching Wenja (I’m a gamer but I looked that one up), Indo-European (wow), and Latin without inflections. Actually, I looked that last one up as well because I’ve learned Latin in high school for six years and thought the phrases looked very weird.

Might as well comment on the questions IN Latin without inflections now that I’m here. Just use the ‘ignore’ function for phrases you don’t want to learn. After ‘me es femina’, you only need to know the word for man, which is ‘viro’ in this case. However, I suggest you just learn normal Latin. Check out Polýmathy on YouTube.

That being said, good learning to everyone.

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