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I liked th older interface on my mobile more because i have alot of courses am studying and now i can’t read the title unless i open eaxh and everyone and its a hassle so please make the course name readable


You might like to see (and perhaps re-post on) this thread.

Improvements to the Dashboard


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Yeah, it is important to see the full title (at least say up to 50) because many course names already contain some very genera words like ‘Beginner’ or ‘English’ and many courses are only distinguished 1 or 2. Which number is by the way usually at the end.

Imagine a course named ‘Beginner English ABC-Course Level 1’ and ‘Beginner English ABC-Course Level 2’ (both total fictious).

The course creator can’t really make the title shorter, since every word matters. Because, there are many English courses, but only one is from the company ‘ABC-Course’. And though some be French, others are English, Some are Beginner, others are Elementary. Some are Level 1, others are Level 2. We can’t leave one word out. And to make it worse: it’s likely that one learner is doing several or all of them: they progress from Beginner Level 1 to Advanced Level x.

Long story short: full title matters, up to the last character (in this example literally the last character).

So, yes, @MemriseSupport, I hope we can do something about this!


If the rocket and share icon were removed (as suggested elsewhere) and the bin shrunk then there would be room for the title.

Actually these option could go into the dedicated course title page.

All I want to see is a progress bar and perhaps how many items to water (aka review).

Thankfully a lot of courses use a different picture but not a whole suite by some eg all the Italian ones I look after by @jcr16 see

Hi all, thanks for your comments. We’re actively gathering user feedback and will forward it to the relevant team to consider for future changes. For updates about this, please visit > Improvements to the Dashboard <.

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