Insert Chemical or Mathematical Symbols

Dear Memrise,
Can you please allow people to insert Chemical or Mathematical symbols when making flashcards, because it would be really handy with trying to make sense of what you write on the flash cards.
Examples of symbols that I mean are:
SO₃²⁻, Δ, °, σ, Σ
If you were unable to see the symbols I had listed above, I am going to state the name of them instead. i.e Power to 10, ions, delta sign, degree sign, arrow (the reaction sign in chemistry), pi, sigma, uppercase sigma etc.
It would be amazing if you could offer these features memrise, because it would mean that people can not only learn a language but a scientific subject as well :slightly_smiling_face:


If I were you, for full convenience, I would make cards to convert units of measurement, they are very useful in solving mathematical problems, when you need to know, for example, how many kilometers, but you only know the miles or when you need to get millimeters to feet. This will make it very easy to solve any problems and help students. I think this is a great idea, so I suggest you think about it.

I just tried this with a test-course and simply pasted your symbols into a new “word”, not a problem, IOW there’s no reason why you should not be able to do that.

Note that you can also setup/create your own characters in a course so that your symbols become available when typing is required.

Edit: see @ale_c’s posting below for the details.

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Hi @Presouis_Gal3a, you should still be able to enter these characters via our course creation, just copy-paste them into the relevant fields as Olaf has suggested.

More FAQs on Course creation:

You can also add special characters to your on-screen keyboard by tapping on the :pencil2: Edit icon in course creation and selecting the Testing tab.