Input Textbox Completely Hidden Under Native Keyboard in v2.3.57

(Sherrin) #1

I forgot to turn off auto-update on my new phone (iPhone XS on iOS 12.1) and so Memrise updated to v2.3.57 yesterday on its own.

While the new UI does look nicer, unfortunately it also broke the existing functionality for keying in text answers: The native keyboard blocks the input box, so I cannot see what I have typed.

If you switch to the in-app keyboard, you can see the textbox is there, though the space button has been cut off.

I have the Button Shapes setting turned on under Accessibility, which is why the letters are underlined.

I’ve also done a screen recording which clearly shows that the input textbox is obscured by the native keyboard. (And also shows that day of the week bug at the end. Today’s Saturday, not Monday!)

Reinstalling the app does nothing. This basically renders the app useless to me since I don’t use the in-app keyboard - it gives too much of a hint for my liking.

I reported this through the Google form so I hope the Memrise Team fixes it soon, but I am sharing this as a warning for those who prefer to use the native keyboard.

P.S. I also had to get home and use my laptop to type this up, because trying to login to the Community from any mobile browser simply opens the Memrise app and does nothing else. :confused:

(Hayley Rachel Eppsb5) #2

I also stupidly did the update.
I am learning Japanese, it has removed the kana/ kanji reading that used to pop up after selecting your answer and the new interfeace is terrible as the above pictures show.
Please can you fix?

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #3

@MemriseMatty Could you have a look at this? And sherrin. I didn’t know you had a forum account!

(Sherrin) #4

To add on, I updated my phone to iOS 12.1.2 (latest) and the problem still exists, so that should rule out problems with running a (slightly) older version of the OS.

And hi @MarshallLanguages! I don’t normally visit the forums… especially in recent years. :sweat_smile:

(Sherrin) #5

Since I was rather busy running about on New Year Eve, I made use of the app while on the road. And I discovered some more issues.

Here are some other bugs (or maybe they are features, especially #2) in v2.3.57:

  1. Tapping Tests: No highlighting of the selected words in green/red when an answer is submitted (green when it is correct, red when it is incorrect). The only indicator is now the button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Skip behaviour has changed. It really skips the review (the word remains in your Review list as not yet reviewed) and the correct answer is not shown. Previous skip behaviour treated the answer as incorrect and would show you the correct answer. This means that now if you do not know an answer you must type gibberish before proceeding so that the word is counted as reviewed and you can move on.
    Here it is with the in-app keyboard (so you can easily see whether the input box is blank)

    Note that it’s extra confusing if you are using the native keyboard [screen recording], where the button simply says “Go” in either case (with or without anything in the input box), so you would expect the same behaviour. (Of course the textbox bug doesn’t help things here.)
  3. UI issue: When keys of the in-app keyboard are pressed, the letters:
    a. Pop up very fast (too fast to be useful as a cue of which key was pressed; so fast that you cannot see it in the gif above) - but you can see it in the original screen recording - around 0:02
    b. Are layered behind the textbox. Here is a still from the original screen recording:

(Sherrin) #6

Okay, the input textbox issue is somewhat fixed in v2.3.58.

The last letter of the answer is cut off when the answer is auto-graded though.

It should be vernetzt sein.

But… at least I can see the input now.

As for the other issues:

  1. The Tapping Tests remain the same (only the button is highlighted, not the whole phrase) as in v2.3.57.
  2. Skip behaviour remains as described above (like I said, it was probably a feature not a bug).
  3. The UI issue with the overlapping was fixed.

v2.3.58 was released 4 days ago but it didn’t show up in my update list for my new phone running iOS12. I happened to be looking at updating the apps on my old phone running on iOS10 when I saw that there was an update released on Jan 15. Only when I went to Memrise’s own App Store page was there the Update button to update, hence I only discovered it today.

It is also funny because I remember that the auto-update to v2.3.57 that happened to me didn’t happen immediately when v2.3.57 was released but around 4 days after the fact, even though in those 4 days I’d been connected to Wifi at various times.