Incorrect Hindi answers missing a 'letter', incorrectly marked as correct

I that sometimes a wrong answer is marked as being correct. See pictures.

Does anyone else have a similar experience or know more about this?
I wonder whether it is a bug or expected behavior.

  • I have noticed the same with other Hindi courses, I thought that it was because the course creator had added alternatives (e.g. this one.)
  • This is my own course (not public), that is why I know for certain that there are no ‘alternatives’ set in the database
  • Using the App on Android. Not tested on the web.


Any Hindi learner (or teacher) around here? Functions correctly for you? Any help from co-learners/teachers appreciated!

(It might be connected to (quite technical article): [Site Feedback] Hindi compare faulty: cannot find word in database, words re-added with Bulk add (even when in database) )

@BeaTrisy - please could you help? It limits my ability to learn the language and to use Memrise effectively. (Sorry, I used accidentally a flag - my mistake).

PS: Could this be moved to Android bugs? I can’t do that myself. Thank you!