Inappropriate reference in OFFICIAL course

In the Japanese 1 level 8 grammar lesson it says “I don’t like hentais”
Now I’m not sure if that’s supposed to refer pornographic manga or just to perverts. (Since it means pervert in Japanese) Either way it’s bad to include the word because kids probably use this program and they might google it. In English it exclusively refers to a type of pornography.

Please remove this.

In fact check all the official courses for any other similar references and remove them.

Literally in spanish level 1 course 1 you ask ‘do you have condoms?’ lol

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They should take that out too.
If that’s why you’re going to a different country then you don’t deserve to go.

I checked. I don’t see the condoms thing in Spanish.

You don’t deserve to go? I don’t think I agree with that at all. People have their own purposes to travel.

Checked again, it’s level 1 stage 3

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Oh. I was checking the Latin American one.

Yeah they should remove the condoms thing too.

You can flag posts and mems as inappropriate but not official courses. Hypocrisy.

I would block the sentence with “hentai” in it but since it’s a grammar lesson it’s unblockable.

Next time please post one topic only. I’ll invite @Joshua and @MemriseMatty to see what they think.

There’s another thread about this now at the moment actually, is this one of the courses they changed for the new year?

Hi @garrisonmorton,

Thank you for flagging this and I’m sorry it disturbed some people’s feelings.
It’s it now removed from the course, so if you log and log in again you should see it clean now:)

Yeah they should remove the condoms thing too.

No Garrison. No, they absolutely should not remove an important word like ‘condoms’ from a language course. I hope you’re listening @Joshua and @MemriseMatty. Memrise is an excellent flashcard tool and the expansive vocabulary of many official courses makes up for its grammar shortcomings. Bowdlerising the word list to the point of removing words like ‘condoms’ will not do this website any favours. If learners object to such important words, they can go and learn the language elsewhere. Not that they stand much chance of becoming fluent if a commonplace word like ‘condom’ offends their sensibilities.


Personally, I don’t see anything remotely offensive about the word “condom”.


@MemriseMatty @KanaTsumoto @Joshua @MemriseSupport

As always, you can not please all users on the same level.

If you have any doubts, introduce a “mature words” feature like Duolingo offers it for school classrooms; a teacher can deactivate some words like alcohol, wine, beer, etc. (AFAIK there are bugs and it does not really work that great - still showing some words which younger kids should probably not see).

Isn’t your web portal (or mobile app) asking for a birthday or age when a user registers on your server?

You (your backend code) should have a clear idea what category a learner falls into (adult, teen, young kid), don’t you?

Why don’t you have your algorithm hide some words when the account holder does not have the minimum age?

It is somehow ridiculous having to remove several words of courses for adults.

What comes next?
Removing all user-created “Dirty / slang word/phrases” courses from your web portal?
Please don’t do that.
If your team internally considers doing so, please just split courses into 2-3 age categories and when an account owner is allowed to view the courses or words

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What about ‘hentai’?
How does that have any real world application?

I have to agree with Matt here. Language is language, as long as the course is aiming to teach, even if it has naughty words, I’d say leave it alone. If a course is going out of its way to offend people, without any academic value, that’s where I’d be for getting rid of it. And @MemriseMatty, would you mind looking at my DM to you? It’s important.

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While I sort of agree the word hentai should be removed from the main course, let’s not pretend kids have no clue of what a hentai or a condom actually is. Unless that kid is younger than 11-12 (and I highly doubt 10- year-olds are interested in languages), they’ve most definitely heard vulgarities at least once in their lifetime and after that, googling them is just a matter of time. Also, how far are we willing to censor a course just to “please our precious kids”? Some could very well argue that the words wine and kill are offensive, though they have practical use and you’re expected to know them if you’re fluent.

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The Portuguese BR 1-7 course series (can’t exactly remember which one) for example shows me words like drugs, alcohol, beer, wine, war, soldiers, murder, killer, thief, stolen, arrested, etc. (there are more, just some which I am aware of).

If I turn the radio or TV on “real life” somewhere in the world is not any different than getting taught some of those words which do not break down the world to me as an adult.

It may be more difficult to decide on a case-by-case basis where to draw the line exactly…

What about ‘hentai’?
How does that have any real world application?

Well it is an actual word with an actual definition and many Japanese people actually use it from time to time. If you want to become fluent in a language then you need to know the meaning of all kinds of words you wouldn’t normally consider using yourself.

We’ve even had people on language courses (not just Memrise; not just on the internet) arguing that derogatory language shouldn’t be on the list of words and phrases, but how on earth are you then able to recognise everything from insults to discrimination (never mind discuss the latter as a subject) if you’re incapable of even recognising related slurs being uttered in the wild?

As for condom, I’m quite honesty flabbergasted that someone would suggest removing that from a course. There is no reason whatsoever to be hiding that word from children, no matter what their age. The sooner and better informed they are about those things the better.


Please Memrise, don’t even consider this. It only complicates the website and they are enough bugs already that really need fixing. Like the phantom database entries problem.

Duolingo recently introduced censoring of certain English words on the forums. Which is - apart from being ridiculous - really impractical on a language site. It now hides innocuous and very common words like black in Spanish (negro) and how in Dutch (hoe) under heart symbols.

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excuse me, but why did you remove them??? I am learning _Japanese and I want to know these words… Removing these words hurts my feelings, so please take my feelings as well into consideration.

to the originator of the thread: why are you shouting around?