Inappropriate Learning Words

I can’t explain how much this application helped me and my family to uplift our language skills for the Slovenian language. However, I would request to revisit some of the inappropriate vocabularies that might look fine for adults but for seven and nine years old children seems not. The usage of the Word Condoms in “imaš kondome?” in English “Do you have Condoms?” and the way the white hair lady says it triggered a big flow of questions by my children like:

  1. what is Condoms
  2. What is used for
  3. Why the lady is saying it as if it is a secret?

    and definitely, we can’t answer these questions or even lie. we just we will explain later, and just ignore this one. Then later children started chairing these words with their friends and things gets messier.

to cut a long story short. If there is a possibility to categorize words due to user ages, that would be much helpful.
Thanks, Memrise team for your understanding.

There is no way of filtering courses according to a learner’s age, and I doubt that Memrise will ever do that.

If you want to prevent your kids from seeing certain words/phrases/items, I’d suggest you log in with their account and then go ahead and ignore those words - this way they won’t see them.


Memrise are unlikely to make the changes that the OP requests. There are a couple of disclaimers in the “Terms of Use” - Paragraphs 1 and 4 - saying that the website (and presumably, therefore, the app too) is intended for people over the age of 13.


I agree with the above comments.

Basically you go through each level and ignore inappropriate words.

Alternatively or additionally you could search for a Slovenian Community course:

Memrise - Courses for English (UK) speakers

The course description may tell you what you want to know. Otherwise go though and see if (a) you like it and (b) it’s got pronunciation.

Hope that helps.


Ohh did not notice the ignore option… i guess this will help much… Thanks for this.

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