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As a teacher I was surprised to see that one of my students is concerned that they had been sent mems which contain links to adult content, this is of course a concern as I can’t support a product that is allowing this type of activity to go on, within school our systems block access to this site but outside of the school we loose control on this ability.

I marked the messages as “inappropriate” and it gives confirmation that they will not be shown again, however when returning to that follower at a later time I can once again see all those messages.

Without the ability to block users from sending mems which we can’t see or monitor I truly feel that we might have to look at an alternative product, has anyone else had this and or found a way to deal with it. ?

I have seen another thread that has the same issues and posted examples which are fairly old - sadly many of these links are still active and as such can only conclude that the product team are not actively seeking to resolve this issue, further more I see that a large number of the sites are the same or very similar url format - a dev could easily identify these urls and disable those accounts no ?

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Well. They would have to take them down one at a time, and usually they don’t delete them, but have before. Could you send a link to their account so the employees can review these inappropriate mems and hopefully take them down? But it would be a good feature to be able to block a certain users mems. @MemriseMatty or @Joshua. Could you look into this please? Thanks. :blush:

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Lets be honest tho, they could have easily filtered a lot of this as a number of the sites contain the same or almost same urls - I can’t see why they are not able to resolve these issues programmatically, it’s very disappointing as I have just advised other teachers to steer clear of this product now “at least until these issues are resolved” can you imagine as a parent watching your son or daughter navigate to a school recommended site for learning another language only to see them click on a link that will take them to full nudity.

the ability to turn off the ability for users to follow you would be nice but also you could remove the ability to send urls as mems ?

clicking the “inappropriate” link doesn’t hide the message for good as the popup message suggests.

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I believe you can just turn off mems in settings. I’ll get a screenshot.

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Oh. Mems are not appearing for ANYTHING for me. Strange.

That could be good. Let’s just see what @Joshua says first when he (hopefully) comes.

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Hi @Terry_BradfordStaff5,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear your experience with this.

We do actively monitor user content posted on Memrise, and we reserve the right to remove any user content that is posted and deemed by us as being inappropriate.

To this end, we are in the process of mass removing cases where the “Mems” system has been used to post said inappropriate content, as mentioned by yourself.

In your specific case, If you are able to send us the username in question we will be happy to escalate this case and remove the offending content.

Regarding inappropriate content on Memrise in general, although we actively monitor and may pre-screen some user content, inappropriate content may not come to, or be brought to our attention immediately. In line with our Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge and represent that by using the services, you may be exposed to inappropriate content.

We would strongly advise yourself and any other users of Memrise to read our Terms & Conditions found here (before using the service):

I hope this helps.


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I’m grateful for your prompt response but do question why the same url being sent repeatedly needs a human to even be involved, this could be an automated filter, you could consider the restriction of sending urls as these are likely drawing your audience away from your website.
In terms of contractual agreement, you clearly state that you actively monitor for inappropriate content yet when browsing your forum can see historic posts from a year ago that are still active and clickable leading to the exact content that others have requested removed.

maybe you can could / should consider only allowing those with a qty of learning points the ability to create the mem’s pages / messages, that would greatly reduce this issue or mitigate it?

(Memrise Matty) #8

Do you have any examples of this? I could not see any Mems reported from a year ago which are still active.

We have since created spam detection tools which should prevent new spam Mems from being created. Please see my post here for further info:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #9

I find your complaints exaggerated. I have been using memrise for 6 years now, took hundreds of courses, and had the problem you mention only at the beginning, that is only until some 4 .5 years ago.

In order to fulfil requests such as yours, the memrise team almost completely eliminated the mems as such, took down the personal profiles of users etctetc, for short, mutilated memrise to the point of being nearly unrecognizable… and this is such a pity…

I have been trying to find your memrise page, but I found none under the nick you carry in here - therefore, It would be useful to post in here at least the links to the incriminated courses.

Otherwise, with all due respect, any long term user such as myself cannot but suspect you are here just to stir up trouble. Sorry.

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@MemriseMatty I have found a similar problem. There are two accounts purely supporting links towards adult sites. I have reported the specific mems but surely it would be a good idea to deal with the accounts and have them removed. Hopefully, in the future, a block option could be added so that people can simply remove these people from their followers without having to contact support.

The two users are “ellie_liddell” and “utkiasher”.

Thanks for your help

(Tavis O Reilly99) #11

Additionally, I have just looked at the accounts and as soon as you click in the people each of these accounts are following there is a whole stream of people doing exactly the same thing. Perhaps these should be blocked for the specific url they are supporting.

A few of the users are:

I really hope this will be sorted out as it is not the sort of thing you expect to see on a language learning site that many children will be using for school etc.

Thanks again for your help.

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Well, for such a long time I thought we were alone down here. It seems to me nobody cares about your memes, no bother how hard you try. I have sent thousands of them and I’ve never seen a word of recognition at all. And as far as Internet is concerned, your students surely have better ways to get improper stuff. Not fot you Angharad Merfin, you should know it by now.

(Memrise Matty) #13

Hi @Tavis_OReilly99 - Thanks for reporting these.

We are aware of this situation and are taking steps to combat and or prevent it.

In your specific case, It looks like the spam filter did not pick these cases up.

  • I am going to leave these Mems active for a short while so our developers can investigate.
  • I will remove all the followers from the accounts, so these will not appear in another users follow list.
  • I have locked the accounts pending the investigation.

In the mean-time we would strongly advise yourself and any other users of Memrise review our Terms & Conditions found here (required before using the service):

i.e. In line with our Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge and represent that by using the services, you may be exposed to inappropriate content).

and To the extent that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act 1998 is deemed to apply to us, this website is not aimed at children and does not seek to collect personal information from children under 13. You may request access and/or rectification of your data or data relating to your children at all times via our Contact Us page.

Closing this thread as it is duplicated by Bogus follower / spam / sexual language.

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