In-browser (korean) keyboard?

Hello everyone reading this :slight_smile: I wanted to try some korean courses here, but every one of them requires me to write to words in korean but it doesnt offer me korean keyboard to do that. I even added korean keyboard to my panel or however you call it, it still doesnt accept what I write manually. In russian courses you have the keyboard added already for example…I saw some guides on how to do that from 2012 but the buttons that I would have to click simply arent there, what do I do ? :slight_smile:

After adding Korean keyboard you can switch between your original one and the Korean one. You can do that by clicking the language icon on the taskbar or by using WinKey+Space. After you switch to Korean keyboard you can switch between English and Korean by using right Alt key. To see the layout of Korean keyboard you need to open On-Screen Keyboard - the standard Windows program.


I did all this before, I am able to write the exact korean character that woman pronounces, I press check but memrise doesnt accept it if its written by my keyboard for some reason. I even got a picture. I might be doing something wrong then.

In this particular question you are supposed to type in ‘yo’ for a Romanization of Korean letter.

I just checked and the course your are doing is on Romanization of Korean.
If you would like to practise writing in Korean as well as listening I would recommend this course:


Wow, I actually feel so stupid right now…You must think I have IQ of my shoe size (in Slovakia max size is round 45). Anyways, thanks for quick answers, I will definitely try the course you recommended :smile:

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What about for a Mac?