Improvements to the Dashboard

Over the next few days, those of you learning on iOS will see some changes to the course dashboard (Android is following soon!). We’ve removed unused buttons, made it easier to find your next course, shifted the layout, and, most obviously, reversed the direction of the dashboard.

Why have we made these changes?

We’ve had loads of feedback from you over the years that the dashboard direction didn’t make sense, which we also found through user research

Without the space theme (RIP Ziggy) it makes even less sense; shifting the layout gives our Design team much more freedom to build awesome features for you in the app.

We know that communicating our decisions hasn’t always been our strongest point, so whilst this is a relatively small update in the grand scheme of things, we wanted to let you know why the changes were made. We hope you enjoy the new dashboard and we’re always pumped to hear your opinions!

P.S. We’ve been working on other things as well (…fixing streaks and offline mode…). More announcements will be made in the next couple of weeks!


Great! I’m looking forward to all these new changes and what they bring. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what’s next.


I am a little disappointed with the new update. Pretty much a user can no longer see the brief description for a course or see the particular leaderboard in the selected course. The new update is still not a very strong design approach for better user experience, in my opinion.