Improvements to Level 1 in Memrise Courses

Dear Fellow Language Learners :sunglasses:

We have a small announcement to make. Our cunning linguists have been hard at work making changes to the beginning of lots of our official Memrise courses. They have made Level 1 in these courses longer by including more words and phrases. They’ve also reordered them and curated the audios and videos, besides making lots of other general changes in order to improve your learning experience such as tweaking distractors, and adding alternative answers, etc.

You might notice that you have words or phrases to learn in previously learnt lessons. It’s not that your progress has been lost, it’s just new things to learn. Enjoy!

Happy learning! :star_struck:
The Memrise Team


Do you mean level1 of the series 1 from the base English (UK) courses?

Or do you mean level 1 in ALL of the 1-7 series courses?

Only applies to the new courses mentioned in the last announcement?

Should I see any changes for my completed PT BR 1-7 courses from base English-UK? :wink:

Hi Thomas!

It won’t be affecting PT BR courses at the moment. So far, we have only made these changes in Level 1 of Course 1 in French, Spanish (EU), Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian for UK and US English speakers, as well as English. Next week, we will also be doing the same for speakers of those languages who are learning UK English, as well as a few others such as English for Vietnamese, Dutch and Mex. Spanish speakers.

Hope that helps to clarify :smiley:

Is there any kind of roadmap or at least a history or should I call it “what’s new” list that would provide some information about what you did (or what has been changed/added/corrected) or what is to be expected in the (near) future?

It’s quite unnerving to see that, for instance, the Android app was updated and the only bit of information in the update message on Google Play is some wannabe witty text that contains next to no information about what has changed. Regarding the web application, it’s even worse - there’s absolutely no information at all to be found. No info on the forums either.

This of course also applies to course content - due to the fact that updated content doesn’t automatically propagate to apps, one needs to log out and log back in again to receive updated content in the iPhone and Android apps (loosing all downloaded courses along the way!), hence I rarely/reluctantly do that.

I’m not trying to pick on you, it’s just so frustrating to see that more and more seems to go wrong over the past months, with only that little sporadic bit of information that surfaces here or there on the forums when someone asks a very specific question.