Improvement suggestion: very easy to develop and high impact

I am suggestion a very easy solution that you could potentially apply for all languages and that would be very easy to develop and could really help us learn better each languages vocabulary.

Context: When we click on lessons, we can see the list of words included in the lesson (wether we have learned them or not) and wether they are “simple” or “difficult”. These words are written one language on top of the other.

The problem: this list could be very useful to help review vocabulary and use this as a review sheet but the fact that the English and Arabic texts are just one below the other rather than being separated with enough diatance (English on a list on the left and Arabic on a list on the right) we subconsciously can read both languages so we cannot use this as a memorisation exercise tool. You do this at the end of a lesson we have just accomplished available only at the spot but not on the older or upcoming lessons from the lessons dashboard.

Suggestion 1: I would suggest that we separate both languages, each in a column (English on the left and Arabic on the right). That would allow us to focus our look only on the left side of the screen (English) and try to find in our memory what was the Arabic equivalent and confirm it when looking on the right side of the screen. Much better than today having one just below the other.

Suggestion 2: doing Suggestion 1 while adding a button that would black out the right side panel when we press it and would reveal it when we click it again. So we can hide and reveal the answers whenever we press the screen.

I believe it is not so difficult to develop - at least for suggestion 1 and we could potentially benefit quite a lot from these improvements and turn this lesson list into both a list and a review tool to enhance our learning.

I am available to elaborate on these options anytime.