Impractical page distribution after new app update


(Cdub4language) #1

Since the latest update, when learning a new item (or when reviewing after getting it wrong), the page distribution is quite annoying. The item I’m learning is shown with a giant box around it that takes up 2/3 of the screen, then at the very bottom is the “translation.” The first line of the “translation” is visible without scrolling, but to see it all I have to scroll. This I find impractical, especially as there is a ton of blank space around the original word.

Perhaps this is not an issue for single-word translations (although the page distribution would still be unbalanced), but I am also using memrise as a non-language flashcard app. For the course I’m currently working on, most of my answers are 2-4 lines long, so I always have to scroll.

Any chance that this can be fixed?

If it helps, I’m using memrise on android.

(Cdub4language) #2

I will add that the attributes are no longer viewable while learning! Can we get those back please?