Hi there. Just noticed this account when I went to learn Korean

6 words. 6 million points and look at THIS

He earned ALL those points this week. How???
PS: ive got major deja-vu about a similar topic i posted :confused:
But can you PLEASE look into this account
@Joshua if this is another test account of yours. Im gonna be mad :wink:
Heres a link to his accountᴋɪɴɢ/

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What I find weird(er) is that he only got 2.6 mill points on that course (more than my total :angry:)

He definitely done something wrong.

PS: Oliver, many people get a lot in a week:

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Wait you have a point Oliver:

I 1 week he become 1st in French overall with 28 mill( don’t believe me, check):

and only learnt 294 words, I have learnt 1448
@Joshua (if this is another test account I’m gonna be jealous to a max )
@beatrisy can you check this possible hacker as well as king


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  1. Please dont use my real name. Sorry.
  2. Wow two people found out…
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to be fair your name is right next to your profile

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Yes, and my name is in my username, it’s what I want to be called that is next to my profile, Allen Badassery

PS:Is your surname really Bad-Ass-ery?

More bad boys, erm… girls:

This user in one week got 24 mill at French 1, became 2nd , learnt 15 words and doesn’t learn French 1
That is definitely mysterious :thinking:

Make that 3 :point_up:

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I detect sarcasm…

I posted this topic 4 days ago and still no reply from Admins…

that’s really impossible…