Impossible to add a new row to a course

I am trying to add a new word to my course “English for kids”.
I get the following error message : “You must fill both the source and target language columns before submitting the row”, even though I am filling the two columns with something.
Any idea what can be wrong ?


Hard to tell. Can you post a screenshot?

Your second column is an audio column which is not filled for your new word. That might be the issue.

I just tested adding a new word to a course and there seems to be no general problem at the moment.
Did another test in a course where the second column is an image column. I could add a new word without problems there. So I am not sure about the cause of your issue.

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This may be the issue (it used to be fine).
The tool does not give me the possibility to fill out the audio column anyway, so I’m still stuck…
This means that any course author using the audio column will face the same issue. Maybe it also depends on the position of the source language column.

It’s strange because in the course that I used for the second test I mentioned before, I can add a word without being prompted for adding anything to the image or audio column. I have no other text columns in that course.

Unfortunately you can’t change the order of columns in a course. You could try making a new course with a different order to check if column order has any influence.

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Hi @MemriseSupport, can you identify if there is a problem just here or in general with non-text second columns?