Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses

(Jeffyb7) #1159

I have no background in programs or anything so don’t come for me, but wouldn’t this affect your ability to get any updates from the course creator if they themselves added or updated anything in the course, as well as any mems anyone uploaded? I don’t understand how you can have your own version of the course to edit, but then also have that sync with the version everyone else is using.

(khx333) #1160

Depending on the format, the user-custom course would be a branch of the official course and if the official course changed, the branch could merge in the changes. This is a very common process in the software industry but this is related to source code. In the case of Memrise it would relate to merging/synchronizing database entries. This is also doable but it would require some hand-holding to let the end user decide which version to take in case the corrected entry also has a new (possible corrected) entry. It’s doable but too complex compared with just providing feedback to the originator to fix an entry.

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That you so much lodro for sharing this. (read something similar at I didn’t know if this was this much common process in the software industry but related to the source code instead.

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Two very simple ways to make a backup of your Memrise courses (without audio, though):

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Greetings all.

Lambda user here. Like a lot of “old” users, I find the official courses extremly “basic”.
I am in memrise mainly for the community based courses; vocabulary lists, books related courses (minna no nihongo to name one), jlpt related courses.

Last time I checked, official courses just cover a glimpse into “some” languages.

I have been creating myself some courses to some ethnic languages with some few users. They are not even a category on memrise, let alone have an official course.

Also, I pay a memrise annual subscription just to support the application maintenance. I don’t need any of the fancy “pro” version features. I pay so one day I won’t see Memrise vanish as I plan to keep learning languages.

Now the memrise I know, the memrise I helped with bringing in a lot of my acquaintances, the memrise I was advertising in all the classes I was in, the memrise I discovered some years ago will vanish over a “business” decision.

But hey, you’ve got the numbers, maybe the official courses are what interest the crowd, you can’t afford the costs for the community “even” popular courses.

I used to enjoy using the mobile application when waiting, when watching tv, before sleeping, when I had any chance/motivation to study. On the website, I enjoy using a lot of webscripts to make the learning experience easier. All this will be gone for good, RIP. too young too soon huh.

I tried once some official courses, learned a thing or two, found some things annoying, the videos saying basically the same things over and over, but from different people. Funny in the beginning though.

Thanks for the heads up, as my annual subscription renewal is so close, it will be saving us both some time going through the refund process.

I’ll keep an eye on the developments, wait and see.

Thank you memrise for all the help you’ve provided me, it was a good run. But hey, sooner or later, all good things come to an end, even humans.


I love how this is one of the most viewed topics. And the starting post only got 7 likes. :clap:


It’d be funny if the comment pointing this out got more likes than OP lol.

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…custom database… custom corrections…
You are talking rocket science here. Last couple of years I created a number of small requests about minor bugs/annoyances and none was fixed. They usually fix errors in courses quickly, but in software… they know better what users need.
At the same time don’t get me wrong. I can’t suggest a better alternative.

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Hi All - Based on your feedback, please see our recent announcement regarding a Decks Mobile App:

(Strif Cloud) #1168

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

(Woody1) #1169

It’s too late for me memrise… What a cock-up…

(Rpf13) #1170

Very great news! Thanks that you did listen to the community, I think it is a great move!

(Ryan Murdock17) #1171

Thank you so much Memrise for considering this carefully and deciding to go with a mobile app. This has made my day.

(Ondrej Fusik) #1172

Thank you memrise … signing up pro immediately :slight_smile:

(Richardsmith368) #1173

Thank you Memrise :slight_smile: Glad I can go round telling all my friends how amazing Memrise is again!

(Scones24) #1174

I wouldn’t do that so quickly. So many things have been wrongly done in the last 2 years I have been a paying member… Cancelled my subscription few weeks ago.
This only one move in the right direction (Decks-app) has to be solidly confirmed in the next 1 or 2 years before I maybe pay some money to Memrise again. By the way, we haven’t seen any Decks app yet, they’re just “working on it”. So long, Memrise has mostly disappointed and “betrayed” me again and again. So, wait and see.

(khx333) #1175

If they branch off the existing Memrise mobile app sources and do a little bit rebranding and redirection to Decks REST APIs this should not take more than a week to get the Decks app up and running.

(Petr R Skupad8) #1176

Already there :laughing:
Now the comment pointing out that it would be fun that the previous comment got more likes than the first one…

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GREAT NEWS! I was asking you to surprise me and become the first company who listen to its members. And you did! Thank you.

(Ewa Grabowska34) #1178

So happy to hear the good news - I’ve paid for a pro-account for my son again :slight_smile: